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TrakM8 partners with Humn

Trakm8 partners with Humn to offer an integrated data and telematics solution to the data-driven insurance management system

Trakm8, the recognised leader in technology solutions for insurance telematics, connected car data and fleet management, is delighted to announce its partnership with HUMN, the insurance provider producing real-time data-driven fleet insurance based in London. The partnership will see the two companies bring together their market leading connected data solutions by integrating Trakm8s telematics devices and data services seamlessly with the insurtech’s advanced platform.

Humn’s data-driven insurance management system, Rideshur, analyses thousands of risk data points such as environmental factors, vehicle control and driver fatigue to produce a 360-degree risk picture offering personalised premiums for every journey. The AI-driven solution saves time on fleet management and quickly identifies which drivers to reward, and which need support.

Trakm8 is a leading provider of technology solutions across the telematics industry and by working closely with the team at Humn, has developed a solution that offers seamless data integration across their range of UK manufactured market leading devices increasing potential vehicle access to the AI driven platform.

Humn CCO, James Cowen, commented on the partnership, “Our proposition utilises advanced data analysis to deliver a comprehensive and detailed risk picture and this exciting partnership allows our clients to access Trakm8’s portfolio of market-leading telematics devices and benefit from the advanced data insights that these cutting-edge products provide.”

Adam Gooch, Business Unit Director for Insurance at Trakm8, added, “We are really excited to be working with the team at Humn. The AI and data driven platform offers a unique and exciting insurance solution to fleet managers across the UK and we are delighted to have our range of devices and data services seamlessly integrated.”

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