Pay How You Drive

Don’t pay premiums based on what insurers think your risk is. Get per-trip premiums that reflect how your fleet actually drives.

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Cost your client controls

Simply put, the safer your clients’ fleet is, the less they’ll pay. Our Pay How You Drive policy uses dozens of data points to calculate per-trip premiums in real-time based on how, where, and when those trips are taking place. We think it’s the fairest way to price insurance.

premium your client controls


All your clients’ risk, all in one place

If knowledge is power then we’re about to supercharge your clients’ fleet. Our Rideshur risk management platform creates a 360-degree risk picture for every driver in your clients’ fleet and provides the insights needed to help them reduce exposure. Plus, they can track vehicles, make policy changes, manage claims, and more. All from one platform.

risk management


We’ve got your back, always

Get cover that gives you peace of mind, 24/7. When things go wrong, we'll use every tool at our disposal to control your costs, keep you informed, and get your drivers back on the road as fast as Humnly possible. You can even track the status of your claims from the platform.

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Customer success is our superpower

Our Customer Success team are a seriously smart bunch. They work side-by-side with our Behavioural Insights team to develop new ways to engage drivers and lower risk, then they pass that knowledge on to your clients. And should the worst happen and your client needs to make a claim, they’ll be right there to help with that, too.

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