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We’re delivering the insurtech promise: helping to prevent accidents before they happen using next-gen risk management. This is how we do it.

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Next-gen insurance oS

Meet Rideshur

This is where the magic happens. Our insurance operating system, Rideshur, captures and analyses a fleet’s driving data to produce a range of insights for each driver. It combines this with risk data based on the vehicle’s location to create an accurate picture of exposure, down to every corner and turn. This is insurtech brought to life.

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Information at your fingertips

Every fleet headline in one place

Your client will see everything they need at a glance with Fleet Overview. As soon as they log in, they’ll be able to see their premium, loss ratio, and claims paid in one place. Their real-time fleet Safety Score is always up top, with any recent changes emphasised to stand out. This is supported with key exposure trends that matter when speaking to drivers.

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A fleet manager’s dream

Driver and vehicle profiles and reporting

Each driver gets a personalised profile showing their score, premium, claims, and key risk trends. Fleet Managers can easily compare driver Safety Scores in a table and know what happened on recent trips with maps and event analysis. All reports are actionable, with insights highlighting which driving behaviour is contributing to premiums.

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Regular, impactful support

Weekly and monthly trends

Your client will get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will engage regularly with reports that have even more information on how their fleet is performing. With regular check-ins, clients will be able understand exactly what's affecting their premiums, and what they can do to keep improving.

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data-led Risk management

In-house behavioural scientists

The driver adjustments Rideshur recommends aren’t vague or based on anecdotes. They are the result of extensive research by our in-house Behavioural Science team. Led by internationally-recognised transport safety psychologist Dr. Neale Kinnear, our team are constantly experimenting to develop best practices and create lasting change.

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A splash of telematic magic

How Rideshur measures driver risk


The first thing we look at when determining risk is the amount of time a fleet is on the road and the distance travelled. The more time a driver spends behind the wheel, the bigger the exposure.

Vehicle Control

This is the measure of risk per mile driven and harsh manoeuvring. Things like moving too quickly past roundabouts increases the likelihood of a collision with a third party.


We analyse how often drivers exceed the speed limit, by how much, and the average speed of traffic on their route. Drivers who speed in congested areas increase the fleet’s risk significantly.


We examine drivers’ time on task (how many hours a day they’re working) and how often they are taking long uninterrupted journeys, as this increases the risk associated with vehicle control and speeding.

And our secret sauce...

Environmental data that shows location-based risk

We don’t just measure a fleet’s risk using data from the telematics devices in their vehicles, we also use contextual data based on their location. This features things like the time of day, the weather, how busy the roads are, how well-lit, and if there are many distractions on that stretch of road. This is the secret ingredient that makes Rideshur’s risk assessment truly predictive.

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