Safer driving, fairer pricing

We go beyond the bonnet, analysing geospatial risk factors to provide a truly comprehensive risk assessment. And it all happens in mere milliseconds. Using this, we give actionable, highly-personalised driving insights that help commercial drivers reduce risk on the roads.

Next-gen operating system

An insurance OS backed by behavioural science

By combining our state-of-the-art risk model with a dedicated in-house behavioural science team, we’re able to not only track risk at a previously unseen level but also provide the highly-personalised insights needed to reduce exposure. Through constant research, development, and experimentation, our team creates new ways to engage and reward good drivers. We work directly with fleet managers to empower, not penalise.

insurance demo with peter bousquet and james cowen

unparalleled risk management

We see risk inside and outside the vehicle

How did we create an unbelievably sophisticated commercial motor risk assessment? By investing more in our algorithms than anyone else, using more data points than anyone else, and making more use of that data than anyone else. Ultimately, our operating system makes insurance for connected vehicles more profitable and scalable than ever.

360 risk

increasingly accurate data

Future-proofed by machine learning

Thanks to our data science team, we’re able to use machine learning to identify and quantify risk at an unprecedented speed. The models learn to become more efficient with less data, creating a complete risk picture down to the millisecond. We stream risk as it’s happening, but that’s not all: new opportunities to add or improve our data sources are being actively sought out through our continuous evaluation process.

machine learning ai

Seasoned leadership

Decades of experience behind the wheel

From our founders to our non-executive directors, board advisors and general managers, our senior leadership team is more than a dozen strong. With a glittering spectrum of specialist knowledge, they have the skills and the passion needed to bring commercial motor insurance into modern world.