Enhancing the relationship between fleets and insurers.


Data-driven Insurtech made in London

As personal mobility consumption preferences shift from ownership to usership, more cars are fleet-owned and Insurance must adapt to the changing risk profile.
Consumer preferences are turning traditional underwriting models on their heads. Engagement with technology has produced a torrent of new data which increases the predictive power of modern AI-driven applications.

Rideshur is built to service the demand for insurance tailored to the unique risks emerging with mobility innovation. Our products are customised for fleet operators servicing ride-hailing, vehicle sharing and delivery services.

Making a difference for fleets
Pay less when your vehicles are parked
The vehicle buys it's own insurance in real time
Score drivers live while driving, not post trip
Automate FNOL reporting
Solving problems for insurers
Adjust cover elastically in real time
Price premiums on live usage and value at risk
Keep, rewind and replay all raw event data forever
Run machine learning models on live streams
Enabling the future of mobility
Gracefully handle billions of events per second
Integrate insurance and mobility apps
Assess behaviour and risk profiles in real time
Deliver insurance for autonomous fleets
Unstoppable insurance

Rideshur Platform

Scalable, secure and telematics service provider agnostic, Rideshur connects cars directly to fleet insurance policies, providing live data enriched with environmental context and risk factors.
We reduce decision latency and enable fleet operators and insurers to act in real time by detecting key events and moving automated decision-making closer to the edge.

Stream Processing

Modern data is big, fast and relentless.
5G networks will amplify this stream massively. Prepare for the flood of sensor data coming your way.
Rideshur is built for the future, handling billions of events & scoring risk in real time.

Risk Engineering

Modern risk management needs flexible parameterised algorithms
Move from risk detection to risk prediction.
Rideshur is built for the future, reducing decision latency by continuously detecting key events in real time.

Artificial Intelligence

Deep learning loves massive data sets and Rideshur continuously saves all raw data forever.
Become an algorithmic insurer and run your models on billions of events.
Rideshur is built for the future, with embedded deep learning capabilities.

Smart Contracts

Insurance should be based on trust but the relationship is broken.
Become a trusted partner to clients.
Rideshur is built for the future, all event metadata is stored in an immutable ledger and the policy is executed in a smart contract.
June 20, 2019

Meet us at DIA

We are at DIA in Amsterdam 25th to 27t June 2019. Come over and have a chat about actual realtime insurance for commercial fleets!

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January 10, 2019

Hambro Perks InsurTech Gateway invests in Humn

The InsurTech businesses in our portfolio all have a strong ideology. They bring trust back to the insurance industry, and remind us that customers should be at the heart of every business. They tear up the insurance rule book and risk it to win big. They know tech and insurance combined has the potential to change the world we live in.

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November 3, 2018

Humn joins Wayra

HUMN.ai is Selected for the New Innogy Innovation Hub and Wayra UK ScaleUpHub Programme to Fast Track Growth of Fairer Ride Based on-Demand Insurance. “Scale-Up Hub” will focus on growing small and medium sized businesses in areas such as future energy, urban solutions, customer experience and connected technologies. It represents a significant international investment in the UK’s rich ecosystem of technology and digital innovation which will create jobs and growth through the development of new market leaders in emerging technologies.

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