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Policies that deliver the insurtech promise

The technology that powers Humn is the height of insurtech innovation, but when it comes to our policies, we like to keep things simple. If your clients are ready to unlock the full potential of their driving data, Pay How You Drive is as cutting-edge as it gets. But, if they prefer to take it slow, Annual Plus offers traditional structure with modern benefits.

Pay How You Drive

This dynamic policy follows a simple rule: the safer the fleet, the lower the cost. We use heaps of driving data to create a personalised premium for each trip in real-time, based on how safely a vehicle is driven and the environmental risk around it.

Pay an upfront deposit, then monthly premiums based on the number of miles covered
Mileage charge calculated based on driver performance
Track drivers and premiums in real-time
Personalised driving insights to improve safety, reduce exposure, and reduce cost

Annual Plus

Get all the comfort and familiarity of a traditional policy, plus our state-of-art risk management solution. You’ll even have the potential to earn a rebate on your premium when you renew, based on your claims ratio and fleet Safety Score over your term.

Billed annually or financed over 10 months​
Per-vehicle premium agreed at start of policy ​
Potential to earn a rebate upon renewal​
Personalised driving insights to improve safety, reduce exposure, and reduce cost​
Track potential savings earned on each trip

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