The humn experience

What makes us Humn?

We’re building a workplace that’s unlike any other. By seeking out people who share our core values, we’ve built a supportive, nurturing environment where innovation can run free.

our humn workplace culture

Our values

Be challenging, curious and creative

Innovation and re-invention is crucial to our success. Question what others take for granted.

Flat is where it's at

We keep a flat structure, minimise bureaucracy, empower by delegating decision-making, and reduce noise in our system.

We value unique perspectives

We value diversity and constantly challenging our own biases. Working alongside brilliant and supportive people feels deeply fulfilling and gets things done faster.

Humns support other Humns

What we’re doing is hard. What we are building doesn’t exist yet – there are no examples to follow. Humns need a safe space for new ideas. We proactively reach out and support one another.

Understand, then be understood

Listening is about being present, understanding, empathising and caring about another’s perspective. It takes energy and time but it’s the most powerful moment you have with another Humn.

Integrity is core to being Humn

Integrity and ethics are core to our way of working. In our business, our word is our bond. Trust in relationships with our colleagues, customers and partners is essential.

We invest in development

Perform leading edge work with brilliant peers, coaching managers and together we bring our concepts to life. We support you to close knowledge gaps and prepare you for what’s next.

Ownership and authenticity

Personal leadership requires vulnerability, communication, empathy, learning agility - as well as business and functional expertise. We support you in developing those skills.

Everyone here counts

Know that every contribution counts. We achieve amazing things together but never apart. Your drive and determination will change the world and accelerate our mission.