Annual Plus

Get cover that’s structured like a traditional policy, plus access to our groundbreaking Rideshur risk management platform.

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Safer driving saves you more

Annual Plus has all the familiarity of a conventional policy; it’s billed annually and a per-vehicle premium is agreed at the start of the term. Here’s why it’s better: your client's premium may be adjusted at the end of the term, based on fleet safety and claims ratio targets. So the safer the fleet is, the more they could get back (with no extra work for you!).

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Give your clients total risk transparency

The ‘Plus’ part of this policy is access to our Rideshur risk management platform. Using your clients’ driving data, Rideshur gives personalised insights to into driver behaviour, pinpointing how they can reduce their risk. Plus, managers can track vehicles, add vehicles to a policy, view the status of claims, and more. All from one place.

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We’ve got your back, always

Rest easy knowing your vehicles are fully covered. When something goes wrong, we'll work tirelessly to control your costs, keep you in the loop, and get your drivers back on the road as fast as Humnly possible. You’ll even be able to track the status of your claims from the platform.

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We don’t do ‘set it and forget it’

We won't just sign your clients up, we'll make sure they succeed. Our unbeatable Customer Success team won’t rest (the secret is coffee) until they find ways to actively help lower your clients’ risk and improve their Safety Scores. And should your client have a crash, they’ll be right there to help them with claims, too.

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